Monday, February 27, 2012

Fairy Tale week at school

Our new classroom window

Spring is coming
"Fields of Fun"

Fairy tale week was fun
We Made Princess & the pea art

We also made a big Jack & the Beanstalk

Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Ragdoll for Alexis

My Little Niece is just so adorable..

Mom made her this big Rag doll, bigger than her- i just love it!

She plays on it and uses it to nap on, she talks to it and uses it as a friend

Lazy days with Hobbes

My lion/ koala/bear.. so soft, so loving,so perfect...true love

My HoBBes

loves snuggles

loves camera time

loves kisses

loves hugs

Last minute miami visit

So, I decided last minute to go visit my South African friends in Miami before they sailed off to Bahamas, followed by a trip around the world. It was great timing since I got off early from work on friday, came home, packed a few clothes and took off on a 7 hr drive, via the Turnpike, en route to south florida. From north to south was a big weather change. Clear blue skies, sunny and fresh.I arrived at 10:30 that night, parked my Car at Rusty Pelican Marina, in Biscayne Key. I was tired but excited to see the smith tribe once the dinghy motored towards me. Of course we laughed and talked till early hours in the morning, in our usual south african accents, in south african terms and reminisced over the good old days & the plans ahead. Next morning we were up early and in the dinghy to the dock, on our way to the day's adventures.

There's something about being near the ocean or water! I just love it. It's a different lifestyle compared to country living.I lived in cities, I lived on an island and now I live in the country, but beach life beats it all by far, for me.
 Of course Miami has lots of eye candy, fancy cars, and big stars. After 2 hrs in traffic I made it to the 2012 boat show and met up with our dutch friend, Paul, working on a 147ft private yacht. This reminded me of my days working as a stewardess. Since my return home, I have a strong need to travel and see more beautiful places.

Our view of Miami onboard at night S/Y TRIBE

Up on the mast

Lamborgini eye candy

Boatshow- took 2 hrs to find parking

1st Officer Paul

Ahoy 'Matey

Know your knots n ropes when it comes to sailing

Smith Tribe has an organic Herb garden on board

Aboard TRIBE

Private Crew party @ Waxy's Miami beach

Me & Sascha

Saturday, February 11, 2012