About Me

I'm a dreamer.
My passion is animals & nature. I strive to be compassionate & understanding.
I'm an AMS qualified & registered Early childhood Montessori teacher, and I love the method. 
I teach full-time, year-round at a modern, new private school, totally love it.
I live with my husband in Florida.
I enjoy organic living, sweet treats and bike rides, & wish I had wings to fly..
I speak Afrikaans,(similar to dutch)
While most people work their entire life to retire on an island, my husband and I had the privelege to live in the carribbean, on the island of St Maarten, me (3 yrs) and him (9yrs).This is where we met. The island is dutch & french. I met interresting people from around the globe everyday, working at Sunset Beach bar,,  met a few celebrities too. I discovered so much about myself & others...a time of growth & self- discovery.
 St Maarten is known to be a 2nd home to many. I miss island life and the warm beach enviroment everyday. I love snorkeling & sailing trips with friends. I highly recommend a trip to the tropics. I believe education is important but Traveling can teach us a whole lot about life in many ways too.

I started volunteering at the Humane Society & Animal shelter to spend my time productively and share my love for the animals -they deserve it. 
Our family 'zoo' here at home consists of 3 dogs, Panda,Clarence ('coconut-retrievers' adopted from the island) & Oden (adopted at the shelter 7yrs ago) & 4 cats, Molly, Daisy,Hobbes & Mowgli, & a fish named Pippo!

Our Anipal family
Daisy with Mowgli & Molly

My beautiful Hobbes


Clarence- (i think he was human in a previous life)

Panda ..my baby boy

My entire family lives in Cape Town & Durban, South AFrica. I do get homesick.
I love travelling and intend to do more travels . I travelled around Europe while living & working in London for 2 yrs. City life was a rat race, but I have fond memories. I saw the Gaudi building in Spain- Barcelona.Amazing architecture.South of France-beautiful, green & lush. Portugal- Lisboa my favourite! Amsterdam- bikes & hippies all over- great ..Herb smell everywhere, loved it- awesome place! Greece and Italy I have yet to discover as well as French polynesia.

 I prefer to visit the more underdeveloped countries. I would love to see India, Egypt & Malaysia too.
I enjoyed working as a stewardess on mega yachts before I got married. I believe everything  happens for a reason. I am sensitive but don't get offended. What I do and say, I always mean good even though the words don't come out right sometimes.
I value Real people- genuine friends. I love Elephants & Chameleons.

I love my husband. We met early 2007,  married 2 yrs later,Had a wedding ceremony in SA and went on safari for honeymoon. It was breathtaking & unforgettable. Africa is Zeee BEst! go visit!

I love to spend money , and find it hard to deal with the fact that I just never have enough of it! I want too much but have enough.
I love movies based on true life.  Also mental illness movies- It helps me think & appreciate more, and I can relate sometimes.. Same for books. 
I started this personal blog for myself, what i like, what i think and what i find, and for others to share in.
I love snorkeling, sailing, travel, bike rides, reflexology,soups, culture & reading... and Avo's!

I'm learning to cook. life is about choices.
I enjoy painting.
I meditate occasionally, for peace of mind, just by being in complete silence, in nature- away from people. I love water&waterfalls.
oh! and i enjoy playing Mario brothers (the original), donkey kong,old school video games.

Well, I think that's enough about me, I couldn't possibly write it all down.


Table Mountain and us ~ Bloubergstrand beach

I'm on a spiritual journey &  wish I could live forever!