Monday, February 27, 2012

Fairy Tale week at school

Our new classroom window

Spring is coming
"Fields of Fun"

Fairy tale week was fun
We Made Princess & the pea art

We also made a big Jack & the Beanstalk

Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Ragdoll for Alexis

My Little Niece is just so adorable..

Mom made her this big Rag doll, bigger than her- i just love it!

She plays on it and uses it to nap on, she talks to it and uses it as a friend

Lazy days with Hobbes

My lion/ koala/bear.. so soft, so loving,so perfect...true love

My HoBBes

loves snuggles

loves camera time

loves kisses

loves hugs

Last minute miami visit

So, I decided last minute to go visit my South African friends in Miami before they sailed off to Bahamas, followed by a trip around the world. It was great timing since I got off early from work on friday, came home, packed a few clothes and took off on a 7 hr drive, via the Turnpike, en route to south florida. From north to south was a big weather change. Clear blue skies, sunny and fresh.I arrived at 10:30 that night, parked my Car at Rusty Pelican Marina, in Biscayne Key. I was tired but excited to see the smith tribe once the dinghy motored towards me. Of course we laughed and talked till early hours in the morning, in our usual south african accents, in south african terms and reminisced over the good old days & the plans ahead. Next morning we were up early and in the dinghy to the dock, on our way to the day's adventures.

There's something about being near the ocean or water! I just love it. It's a different lifestyle compared to country living.I lived in cities, I lived on an island and now I live in the country, but beach life beats it all by far, for me.
 Of course Miami has lots of eye candy, fancy cars, and big stars. After 2 hrs in traffic I made it to the 2012 boat show and met up with our dutch friend, Paul, working on a 147ft private yacht. This reminded me of my days working as a stewardess. Since my return home, I have a strong need to travel and see more beautiful places.

Our view of Miami onboard at night S/Y TRIBE

Up on the mast

Lamborgini eye candy

Boatshow- took 2 hrs to find parking

1st Officer Paul

Ahoy 'Matey

Know your knots n ropes when it comes to sailing

Smith Tribe has an organic Herb garden on board

Aboard TRIBE

Private Crew party @ Waxy's Miami beach

Me & Sascha

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


2011 Has been a very blessed year for me and 2012 seems promising. 
Last year I have been lucky enough to get my first fun filled job in the States, the new 2012 Tuscon Limited compact SUV (with heated leather seats), new friendships and fresh ideas. I look forward to travel more in 2012 and working on saving this year.

My little niece

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fall is here..

It's cold and leaves are falling..pine needles everywhere,,orange, yellow, red &'s autumn craft time in the spirit of the holiday season..I have a collection of great art n craft ideas to share with my friends at school...we'll be busy crafting, cooking and celebrating.
The clocks have turned back an hour which will make a Huge difference for me.
I found these perfect creatures at Skunkboy and since I am recently obsessed with owls,,I had to share!

Skunkboy Creatures

Super cute

Check out our classroom Owls

'O' for OWL

Friday, July 15, 2011

'Surviving with Wolves' - Incredible Book- A must read

Any animal lover will find this book a definite winner of all time!Do yourself a favour and read this book- it helps one reflect on your own life ..and realise- it's not that bad!

One of the most extraordinary and poignant survival stories to come out of world war II. Misha was only six years old when her parents were taken away from their home in Belguim to Auschwitz.
She was given a new name,a new home and forced into a new religion. No one told her why her parents were no longer with her, only that they had gone East. So, one day,equipped only with a tiny compass,the size of a coin, and a few provisions,she ran away from her foster home,and set out East to find her parents.
Misha crossed Belgium, Germany and Poland, on foot alone- until close to starvation in a vast forest,she was adopted by a family of Wolves.She ate and played with the wolf cubs,and was protected by their mother.Finally,at the end of the war,she found her way home to Belgium via the Ukraine,Romania & Italy.

Mischa Defonseca was born to a Jewish family in Brussels in 1934; when she returned to Belguim at the end of the war after her 4yr epic journey, she met her future husband.After they were married they emigrated to United States,she now lives near Boston,close to a wolf sanctuary,and visits her friends the wolves everyday!
This beautifully written book is about how a young girl witnessed the appauling cruelties of war,and for whom the animals of the forest proved safer than humans. It's about Life and living it without materialistic means,getting in touch with nature and it's true beauty,eating worms, bugs,leaves & adopting the animal instinct for survival. It's about the power of mind over matter,fearless strength & determination.One can learn so much from her hard life- story, and be thankfull.
It is a book that will never be forgotten by anyone who reads it....and quite frankly, the most beautiful book i have ever read! (In a sense- i can relate to her feeling or wanting to be an animal rather than part of the human race)

Little hands artwork

ART in the classroom:
Next week's theme is Dr.Seuss

camping & forest week

leather tents & Handprint campfires

african huts made of twigs & toothpick spear

thumbprint monkeys

clothepin Giraffe's

sunflower welcome classroom door

Summer has Come

It's on this lovely warm summer's day that I share some news with you! It's been a while and as usual I have been busy but promise to make time for chatting & sharing more often!

Well,what have I been up to lately...hhhmm let's see..
  • we went camping, fishing,
  • celebrated July 4th,
  • had a picnic in the park,
  • canoeing- which i loved,
  • celebrated my birthday in June & of course
  • I have been painting :)
At work,I did some lovely artwork with my friends and I bought 2 goldfish to be part of our family in the classroom :) The kids named them 'Nemo & Dorie'

here's some pic's I have to share with you

Canoeing - my new favourite hobby
gemini girl

4th July Fireworks


Happy Campers

my yummy birthday cake from special friends


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Well, Hello there!

I'm back on my blog again..after a few months of settling well into my wonderfull,fun-filled job!!! i absolutely love it and am totally absorbed in it! I feel blessed!
 I completed my exam for a few courses I had to do,so that's over and done with now and I feel confident in passing with an A! I dedicated much time to studying! phew! hard work pays off!
I woudl love to share some of our classroom art with you! it's so much fun.. & it keeps me young!

Pre-school Art
feather ducks
summer cotton ball ice cream cones
polar bear different size circles

Our Spring Garden
lacing leaves made from fabric
potted flower face plants

The Liger's welcome you

Sunday, February 13, 2011

LoVe month


LOVE our Family
LOVE our Friends
LOVE our Jobs
LOVE our Pets
LOVE ourselves
LOVE our neighbour
LOVE children
LOVE Earth
LOVE art
LOVE our spouse
LOVE reading
LOVE our body

the list goes on & on..
feel free to add on if you like..

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Individual Value

I extracted this from a reading..and felt the need to share ..      

"Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value." - Albert Einstein

True success in life has to do with what we focus on. If we focus on becoming "successful," our human weaknesses may lead us to do things that seem expedient at the time, but, in the long run, may lead to failure, both in results and in character. It is a temptation to step on other people going up the "ladder of success."
However, if our focus is on becoming a person of value, then we will almost surely develop a high quality of character and that will lead to success.
What are the qualities of a person of value?
First, a person of value is reliable and dependable. You know they can be counted on. You know they will keep their word. If they say they will do something, then you know they will.
Second, a person of value usually is one who has worked to develop at least one skill and sometimes many that are useful and they are available to use those skills to help others. A family we know comes to mind, who have raised several sons and taught them many useful, practical skills. This has developed solid character and also success in making a good living using those skills. They are men of character and men of value.
Third, a person of value is others centered. A person focused on just being a "success" is more likely to be self-centered.
The person of value, values others! And, when we know someone values us, we appreciate them and are happy when they become successful.
So, focusing on becoming a person of value means focusing on developing skills that will enable us to be useful in meeting the needs of others and it it means developing character qualities that are worthy of emulation, like dependability, trustworthiness, and caring about others more than ourselves, which is unselfishness.
Well, today is one of those days I feel ignored & unworthy..when I came across this while reading,I stopped and thought about it for a while...I myself am guilty- I mostly focus on what I want to achieve and forget about what's really important in life,to take the focus off myself and start focusing on others for once! I thought this is something that comes with age, maturity, but it's a choice we make and what we focus on. To be a person of value is to become a genuine soul..and in today's society..we all becoem so absorbed in teh demands of our daily lives, that we forget about what's improtant and loose focus on who and what really matters..I understand the needs of family demands and work demands and balancing it out with friends and making time for everything else becomes overwhelming at times..I myself have thought there's not enough time in a day to do everything..but what one needs to focus on is being compassionate in every aspect of life!


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fashion finds

I can't wait till summer starts!
Love this skirt!

so pretty & feminine!

fashion feet!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday's quote & delight

HI folks!
Hope you all had a wonderfull weekend!
Time is flying by..we already in the 2nd month of 2011-Wow!
This is my last week off untill I start work for the rest of the year!


Have yourself a fruitfull week!!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Tarryn Tinky Stanford's Art!


mom's latest painting of a wild dog!