Monday, December 20, 2010

Lunar eclipse tonight - first in 372 Years - since 1638

I'm so excited about tonight...there will be a lunar Eclipse- the moon will be going in front of the sun, turning red- so it's called a 'blood moon'. I hope it's not too cold outside to see it. shoud be interresting.
I'm enjoying a lovely egg/cheese sandwich for brunch. Last night my wonderfull hubby cooked a shepards pie! definately suits the weather & my taste buds!

Friends, it's 4 days untill christmas! Can you believe it.. well, I actually want to go have a look at all the christmas lights in the park, sometime this week. We will be spending our christmas with our lovely neighbours around the corner. I'm excited. They have become family. Which actually reminds me, I still need to sticth up the dog bed I promised. Our anipals love their beds, i simply use a rectangle cut out of flannel material and stuff it with quilt batting inside and sew it closed. This makes for good winter beds for the dogs. I made smaller sized ones for the cats aswell and they loVe it! I donated my extra beds to the Animal shelter,where I occasionally volunteer at. Everybody deserves to be warm during winter. If you know a friend  or anyone who loves animals & needs companionship- I highly recommend taking them to an animal shelter to adopt a pet. they make for the best pets. I personally have 3 dogs & 4 cats- all resqued & adopted. Each one of them have their own unique personality. I couldn't imagine life without them. They definately complete our family.

anyhow, I'm off to go post my last few Christmas cards,
see ya later,

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