Thursday, December 30, 2010

 New Years is around the corner! Are you ready for 2011?
I sure am, 2010 was a very good year for me but I'm ready for what the future brings, new adventures, opportunities, change, perhaps travel, & discovery of much more..
Something I have come to value more & more is the People I meet every year, each one so special and uniquely different. One can learn so much from others, regardless of your own experiences, I deeply value the inspiration I get from meeting interresting people.
In this new year I also want to find something I am passionate about..a real hobbie,something I can become good at.. and if I do not find a steady hobby, I wish to study part time. I have a few options in mind, perhaps Occupational Therapist assistant, Or veterinary assistant, Or, Massage & reflexology- whatever it is, it needs to be a short term course..
Being a Gemini, i get painfully bored very quickly and need constant inspiration or something to keep/hold my attention span & interest going. I very much enjoy teaching when I do,  but I thrive for more in whatever I do, I always want more..I'm still trying to figure out if this is being too ambitious or too greedy. 
Most of all, I will pace myself and strike a balance. One day at a time with peace of mind.
Desire often gets me down so I acknowledge it, then let it go.
It's important for us to take control of our emotions and not allow it to drive us.
Meditation & yoga helps to balance out the mind, body & soul. I will practice this more often.
For anybody who suffers from anxiety, I would recommend this too.

Ok and I need to promise myself I will drink enough water everyday. Make sure you do too!
This will help flush out toxins & reveal a more radiant skin.

I would love my hair this long

The Spirit of adventure
Approach your life as an epic adventure. Each stage of your journey presents its own particular challenges. Recognise that you have all you need within yourself to meet each challenge and embrace the lesson it brings. 


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