Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Peace is the World Smiling

Every Year we are reminded of the result of violence in human society. With each new generation the sense of urgency for peace, in the communities of the world , grows. We all believe in "peace" but it seems an unattainable dream.
 Rather than dwelling on political solutions, we should focus on the children who woudl be the men and woman of the future. We can view the child as the maker of humanity to whom humankind's fate is entrusted.Most importantly, the focus should be on the fact that, it is the young child who determines man's future as an adult member of society. No attempt to solve the world's social and moral problems will succeed if it concentrates only on adults and their activities and not on the whole of Humankind.
Young children show us that peaceful interactions between humans are possible, since a young child has no colour, age, sex, religious or social barriers. A child is one single entity, an undivided being, with joy and trust, a natural part of his inner self. Innocent.

Parents and educators goals must be to help our children reach their full potential by providing for the education of the child's Inner self. All too often the focus of 'education' is on the mastery of skills and facts in the external world. The education of the "inner being" focuses on the functions of the child's mind, emotion and spirit. We need to find ways to enable the child to develop inner peace and the ability to relate harmoniously to the external world. Children learn more from what adults do than what adults say. The responsibilty of the adult is to develop their own inner core of peace and acceptance. Adults must manifest peace in order to help children manifest peace.

Peace is the vital question for the world today. My studies in Montessori has shown the great role of the child as the builder of the inner foundations on which alone peace can be built.    
"Education is the best weapon for peace." Dr.Maria Montessori

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