Thursday, December 16, 2010

this & that

Sam's blog inspired me to make this list

I Like:

  • I like knowing I have no control even though I wish i did
  • I like receiving post or an occasional friendly email/text
  • I like good healthy food
  • I like buying new clothes or anything new
  • I like having a handfull good genuine friends who really care
  • I like beautifull souls..they are hard to come by
  • I like my blog
  • I like wine
  • I like my pets
  • I like being in shape & toned
  • I like calvin & hobbes
  • I like long hair if it does what i want it to do
  • I like movies..especially based on true life or mental illness
  • I like reading or painting
  • I like to find inspiration
  • I like to help within my means
  • I like the smell of freshly cut cucumber
  • I like my bicycle
  • I like many more things..
I want:

  • I want a beautiful home
  • I want beautiful skin
  • I want a new camera and take 1 photography class
  • I want to take a reflexology course
  • I want to live close to a beach
  • I want to do so many things it hurts
  • I want to give more than I receive
  • I want to travel as much as possible
  • I want to laugh more than I cry
  • I want to be successfull in my own way, not society's way
  • I want an elephant..a real one like Modoc
  • I want the story of my life narrated in a documentary in the voice of Morgan freeman/A.Jolie
  • I want to live in a world that operates on good deeds instead of money
  • I want to have a purpose
  • I want to live forever
  • I want financial & emotional stability throughout my life
  • I want a whole lot more...too much

 Ok friends, now it's your turn- feel free to share something you deeply desire or simply like!

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