Monday, January 3, 2011

Our planet ~ Earth

Geography lesson
Most of us take our everyday life for granted, we want this, we want that, little do we realise we have it all! In today's modern society, we gravitate towards materialistic things. Ever imagined life on another planet? It might not be as cosy, luxurious or welcoming as our planet we live on- Earth.
In fact, we could possibly die of starvation, thirst or sunburn if we lived on another planet. I love Earth & i'm happy it's home for us all. There has been speculation of life on another planet but not yet confirmed.
Let's all make it our mission to take care of the enviroment & all living things, afterall, we do live together in the web of life. And, I will add that even though we different in many ways, shape & form, doesn't mean we any less! Any form of life plays an equally important role in our eco-system.

Here's a few Earth facts to read:

Our planet is the third planet from the Sun and the fifth largest of the eight planets in our Solar System. It is located between Mars and Venus, which are also terrestrial planets. Earth has a number of nicknames including the Blue Planet and Terra. The most remarkable thing about our planet is the life that thrives all over our planet. Not only are there plants, but there are also animals, sea creatures, birds, and other diverse species.

Scientists have often tried to discover what makes earth such an ideal place for sustaining life. The Earth has been described as being in the habitable zone, which is a theoretical area in a Solar System where the conditions are optimal for the existence of life. Scientists are using the habitable zone to find extrasolar planets that may be able to support life. Earth is also the only planet in our Solar System with tectonic plates. The plate tectonics help protect our planet from overheating like Venus because the carbon in plants makes its way back into the Earth and is recycled. Liquid water is also an important element for life. Just over 70% of Earth’s surface area is water.

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