Monday, January 10, 2011

Mondays quote & Delight

Well, Hello!
Hope you had a wonderfull weekend.
It's roaring with thunder outside-quite scary i might add. Everytime I experience such weather, it helps me respect nature more.Thunder & lightning is so powerfull and it's amazing to know that no human power can stop it.Incredible.Comes to show how vulnerable we really are. Anyhow,
I spent my weekend trying to housetrain our kitten. He's been using everywhere to potty except his litter box and it's driving us up the wall!!Neither one of us have the heart to give him away.
On a happier note, james made late night cupcakes for my sweet tooth and earlier we enjoyed tasty, fresh home-made spaghetti bolognaise from our dear friends around the corner. I feel so spoilt.

Today's quote:

..and Delight

healthy & creative 

This cute babytoy!
I want one too!
 toy from - luckyboysunday

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