Thursday, February 10, 2011

Individual Value

I extracted this from a reading..and felt the need to share ..      

"Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value." - Albert Einstein

True success in life has to do with what we focus on. If we focus on becoming "successful," our human weaknesses may lead us to do things that seem expedient at the time, but, in the long run, may lead to failure, both in results and in character. It is a temptation to step on other people going up the "ladder of success."
However, if our focus is on becoming a person of value, then we will almost surely develop a high quality of character and that will lead to success.
What are the qualities of a person of value?
First, a person of value is reliable and dependable. You know they can be counted on. You know they will keep their word. If they say they will do something, then you know they will.
Second, a person of value usually is one who has worked to develop at least one skill and sometimes many that are useful and they are available to use those skills to help others. A family we know comes to mind, who have raised several sons and taught them many useful, practical skills. This has developed solid character and also success in making a good living using those skills. They are men of character and men of value.
Third, a person of value is others centered. A person focused on just being a "success" is more likely to be self-centered.
The person of value, values others! And, when we know someone values us, we appreciate them and are happy when they become successful.
So, focusing on becoming a person of value means focusing on developing skills that will enable us to be useful in meeting the needs of others and it it means developing character qualities that are worthy of emulation, like dependability, trustworthiness, and caring about others more than ourselves, which is unselfishness.
Well, today is one of those days I feel ignored & unworthy..when I came across this while reading,I stopped and thought about it for a while...I myself am guilty- I mostly focus on what I want to achieve and forget about what's really important in life,to take the focus off myself and start focusing on others for once! I thought this is something that comes with age, maturity, but it's a choice we make and what we focus on. To be a person of value is to become a genuine soul..and in today's society..we all becoem so absorbed in teh demands of our daily lives, that we forget about what's improtant and loose focus on who and what really matters..I understand the needs of family demands and work demands and balancing it out with friends and making time for everything else becomes overwhelming at times..I myself have thought there's not enough time in a day to do everything..but what one needs to focus on is being compassionate in every aspect of life!


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