Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer has Come

It's on this lovely warm summer's day that I share some news with you! It's been a while and as usual I have been busy but promise to make time for chatting & sharing more often!

Well,what have I been up to lately...hhhmm let's see..
  • we went camping, fishing,
  • celebrated July 4th,
  • had a picnic in the park,
  • canoeing- which i loved,
  • celebrated my birthday in June & of course
  • I have been painting :)
At work,I did some lovely artwork with my friends and I bought 2 goldfish to be part of our family in the classroom :) The kids named them 'Nemo & Dorie'

here's some pic's I have to share with you

Canoeing - my new favourite hobby
gemini girl

4th July Fireworks


Happy Campers

my yummy birthday cake from special friends


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