Friday, July 15, 2011

'Surviving with Wolves' - Incredible Book- A must read

Any animal lover will find this book a definite winner of all time!Do yourself a favour and read this book- it helps one reflect on your own life ..and realise- it's not that bad!

One of the most extraordinary and poignant survival stories to come out of world war II. Misha was only six years old when her parents were taken away from their home in Belguim to Auschwitz.
She was given a new name,a new home and forced into a new religion. No one told her why her parents were no longer with her, only that they had gone East. So, one day,equipped only with a tiny compass,the size of a coin, and a few provisions,she ran away from her foster home,and set out East to find her parents.
Misha crossed Belgium, Germany and Poland, on foot alone- until close to starvation in a vast forest,she was adopted by a family of Wolves.She ate and played with the wolf cubs,and was protected by their mother.Finally,at the end of the war,she found her way home to Belgium via the Ukraine,Romania & Italy.

Mischa Defonseca was born to a Jewish family in Brussels in 1934; when she returned to Belguim at the end of the war after her 4yr epic journey, she met her future husband.After they were married they emigrated to United States,she now lives near Boston,close to a wolf sanctuary,and visits her friends the wolves everyday!
This beautifully written book is about how a young girl witnessed the appauling cruelties of war,and for whom the animals of the forest proved safer than humans. It's about Life and living it without materialistic means,getting in touch with nature and it's true beauty,eating worms, bugs,leaves & adopting the animal instinct for survival. It's about the power of mind over matter,fearless strength & determination.One can learn so much from her hard life- story, and be thankfull.
It is a book that will never be forgotten by anyone who reads it....and quite frankly, the most beautiful book i have ever read! (In a sense- i can relate to her feeling or wanting to be an animal rather than part of the human race)

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