Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tea Time


How's your week been? I hope it's been ok for you.
I have been keeping myself busy, exercising,volunteering, cleaning up the house and painting.
It helps to do productive stuff to make everyday more usefull and feel a sense of accomplishment.
My tea collection needs to be stocked up pretty soon.
I really enjoy my tea's..While on vacation in Portland I made a visit to the Chinese gardens.It was soo quiet and peacefull. I stopped in at the Tao of Tea, ordered a lovely flower tea and yummy chinese lunch..followed by a bus ride back to my hotel room to get ready for my flight back to Florida.
The drive around the Pacific coast, Florence, Oregon and Newport was healing.It's so green and lush around there..

Have a look:

Food was delicious- wish i could remember the name..

Scenic drive along the coastline, pretty lighthouses & bridges along the way..

Thousands of Pine trees..perfect habitat for Bears

I kind of imagined the movie, Pocahantas was made in has the native american indian influence and culture..definately worth a visit i say!


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