Thursday, January 20, 2011


“Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing.”  - Camille Pissarro

I know how hard it is to maintain happy feelings. Life happens. Stress takes over, sometimes bad things make it impossible to be optimistic. Or we just simply forget to notice the wonder we live in, every day.
I forget, a lot. All it takes is one crazy day and I start complaining and stop looking at the world around me. I suppose it's only natural. But I have learned to make an effort to find my way back to a place that isn't cynical, that place that allows me to see the world for what it truly is, a marvel of mystery. Even so, I don't get there every day.

There will always be good and evil, beauty and ugliness, sunshine and rain. We need to see both ends of the spectrum to appreciate those times when we stand in the middle. And if you think about, most of life is spent right there, in the middle.
We live a whole lot of average, ordinary days that we don't remember because nothing spectacularly good or bad happened. But the truth is, there is no such thing as ordinary.
Every day is unique, each day is a new beginning. They might not all turn out to be pretty or fabulous, or even forgettable, but each and every day is a clean slate with its very own pencil right there, hanging from a string.
We wake up each morning and we look in the mirror, and we see all the yesterdays that came before this day.
But do we see the beginnings? The possibility? Do we turn away from the mirror with a smile on our lips?
The yesterdays have molded us, the tomorrows give us hope, but we only ever get to live in today.

Breathe it in, this day. Reach for it. Embrace it, in all its glorious imperfection.
It's the only today you will ever have.

Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain a book about Using The Power of Your Imagination To Create What You Want In Your Life.

The idea behind creative visualization & affirmation is to use the  power of your mind to create positive change in your life. Such as achieving your goals, becoming a better person or living the life you've always wanted. You'll need to visualize what you want and genuinely believe that it is possible. That will give your affirmation the greatest power it needs, the power to remove negativity and allow the positive thinking to become a reality. 

An affirmation can be a general statement or be very specific. Here are a few from the book ... 

Every day, in every way, I'm getting better and better.

Everything I need is coming to me easily and effortlessly.

My life is blossoming into total perfection.

I am the master of my life.

I love to love and be loved.

Perfect wisdom is in my heart.

I love doing my work, and I am richly rewarded, creatively and financially

It's ok for me to have everything I want!

I am now attracting loving, satisfying relationships into my life.

I am healthy and beautiful!

I am now enjoying everything I do.

I am now attuned to my higher purpose of life.

I give thanks now for my life of health, happiness and self-expression

I am an open channel of creative energy.
Do you have your affirmation – what is it?  Can you visualize it?
Think about it, repeat it to yourself. 
Now Create The Life You Want!
from: the inspiration-studio

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