Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hi all!
Last night I finished another painting and started a new one which kept me up till 4am. I'm not too fond of my new painting but I will work on it a little more and hopefully get it to something worth looking at.
 The neighbourhood cat, 'Hobo'(i named her) was on our porch last night in the freezing cold weather, begging to come inside so I took her in for the night, gave her food & water & litter box, which she used and I let her back out again this morning.. she hasn't been back. I hope she'll be warm tonight. She is white with grey patches and no tail.She's very friendly & loveable.

(hahaha- my hubby just told me 'she called and said she won't be coming here tonight- she's staying at her boyfriend' - i said, 'that's not what she told me- she said she's coming back for a place to nap' - so I guess Hobo is lying to one of us- will see  ;)

but seriously-I decided once my pets all pass away, that's it- no more! It's hard to say no, but one must be strong.I have a real weakness when it comes to anipals. Even though they can't talk, I feel I can understand them.
Anyway, I will post some pics of my paintings when i'm done..i'm still in the beginner stages,experimenting with different tecniques and mediums, sooner or later I will add more detail.


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