Thursday, January 6, 2011

Modoc ~ A good read

The Story Of the Greatest Elephant that ever lived!

I really loved this book but I can't believe it all to be true.
I cried so much while reading it. Watchout- it will definately pull on your heartstrings!
You'll need a box of tissues.

In case you don't know the story, here's the Amazon blurb:
Modoc is the joint biography of a man and an elephant born in a small German circus town on the same day in 1896. Bram was the son of an elephant trainer, Modoc the daughter of his prize performer. The boy and animal grew up devoted to each other. When the Wunderzircus was sold to an American, with no provision to take along the human staff, Bram stowed away on the ship to prevent being separated from his beloved Modoc. A shipwreck off the Indian coast and a sojourn with a maharajah were only the beginning of the pair's incredible adventures. They battled bandits, armed revolutionaries, cruel animal trainers, and greedy circus owners in their quest to stay together. They triumphed against the odds and thrilled American circus audiences with Modoc's dazzling solo performances, only to be torn apart with brutal suddenness, seemingly never to meet again. Hollywood animal trainer Ralph Helfer rescued Modoc from ill-treatment and learned her astonishing story when Bram rediscovered her at Helfer's company. His emotional retelling of this true-life adventure epic will make pulses race and bring tears to readers' eyes.
I am now busy reading Zamba

Recommended for animal lovers

Due to my incredible interest and love for elephants, I highly dislike the use of animals in circus. I find it to be very unnatural for them and the only one who benefits from it is the viewers/ owner. It might be funny and entertaining to see all the tricks they do, but just remember what training those animals have to go through- to perform for your 12 dollar ticket. It's cruel. No amount of money can value any life.

Elephants are a symbol of wisdom in asian cultures and are famed for their memory and intelligence, where they are thought to be on par with cetaceans and hominids.
Aristotle once said the Elephant was "the beast which passeth all others in wit and mind".  

I have to admit that when I hear about wild animals attacking humans, I do not feel sorry for the human, for 1. they entered their natural habitat at their own risk, or 2. the animal is in an unnatural enviroment and feeling threatened or afraid or trapped and responding to it = disaster.

I feel the same about hunting. I think it's ok to hunt for food and eat it, but to do it for a trophy/ hobby is just plain heartless. This is how animals become extinct.They all form an equal part in our eco- system.

There's many films out -teaching us about wildlife and to pay them some respect.
I cannot recall them all right now, but watch:

  • Temple Grandin
  • Gorrilas in the mist
  • Planet earth (tv)
  • The Cove (documentary)
  • Behind the Mask(documentary)
  • Sharkwater(documentary)
  • Peaceable Kingdom(documentary)
  • Arctic Tale
  • Grizzly Man
  • March of the Penguins
  • Wild Parrots of Telegraph hill
  • Wolves: A legend returns to yellowstone

I'm off to go volunteer at the shelter now. I'm looking forward to the 6 o'clock workshop.


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