Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Monday's Quote & delight

Hi Folks!
Hope you had a wonderful weekend!
Today was so lovely & warm, I have a feeling we might have an early spring .yay!
I have been studying my naturalization test and still waiting to see 'The Naturalized', I heard it's a good movie.
I'm looking forward to the royal wedding coming up in teh next few months - i think's its going to be beautiful,a real fairytale wedding.
Well, Hobo the cat is back..she's made herself home.During the day she keeps herself busy outside hunting for birds,bugs and mice i guess and sure enough around 10pm she jumps in through the office window and we see her white snout peeking under the door. She's so sweet and loveable. 
I will post pics of her soon.

Monday's delight

These are too pretty


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