Thursday, January 20, 2011

Patterns of Life

“Art is pattern informed by sensibility.”  - Herbert Read
Patterns make up every aspect of our lives.  Since patterns take on many guises, we are sometimes unaware of their presence.  It may be the patterns of our actions – kindness vs. thoughlessness; the patterns of time revealed within our daily routines – work, play, rest; or the visual patterns of nature and art – contrast, repetition, and balance.  These are but three examples of many that surround us.  So, what patterns are you aware of and how might they inspire or affect your creative work?  Let’s consider some visual patterns.
Decorative patterns are literally commonplace.  Check out the amazing architectural detail in many buildings.  You’ll see the stark, clean lines of contemporary spaces along with the elaborate, ornate patterns of old buildings and mansions.  Our homes are filled with pattern – clothing, furniture, rugs, and quilts.  Shopping trips provide an overwhelming amount of visual pattern.  Observe dishware, window displays, greeting cards, journal covers……..  Look high and low, pattern is everywhere!
Nature is full of beautiful patterns.  Study first nature’s details, such as veining on leaves, ridges on shells, symmetry in flowers, and patterns on the fur of animals.  Next, take a mid-range view.  You may see the vertical space divisions between trees or within a patch of cattails, repeat patterns on water, or the ridges of wind-blown sand dunes.  Finally, look into the distance at the patterns a field of grasses and flowers present, the horizontal space divisions of land, trees, mountains, and sky, or an aerial view of fields, roads, and rivers.
You get the picture; our world is awash in glorious pattern.  Absorb it all and be inspired!
Wishing you a pattern filled day.
from inspiration-studio

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